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Cashew Production

We have acquired over 400 hectares of farm land, out of which 140 hectares have been developed for the production of cashew and other crops. The remaining acquisition is being developed gradually.

We presently have over 60,000 cashew stands comprising mainly of the early fruiting and quality fruit yielding Brazilian dwarf varieties. Others include; Brazilian jumbo, the medium jumbo and local varieties.

Our cashew farmland is interplanted with Tropical Manihot Esculentum Accession 419 (TME 419) the early fruiting and quality starch producing cassava variety locally known as 419 cassava, and hybrid corn also. The interplanted crops are temporary.

From the available production statistics, and based on the number of Cashew stands on our farm land, with good farm management/ maintenance practices being adopted, TFL will definitely be counted among the largest raw cashew nut producers in Nigeria, in the very nearest future.

Present Activities and Future Plans on Cashew

Present: Trading in Raw Cashew Nuts

Trending Farms Limited (TFL) is presently engaged in large scale buying and selling of Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN) mainly to exporters and major off-takers. The principal officials of TFL have a combined experience of over 50 years in cashew trade business and are therefore conversant with required quality parameters.

The location of our offices and collection centers in Kogi state, one of the largest cashew producing belt in Nigeria, is an added advantage as trading is a lot easier due to closeness to farmers and sellers, and knowledge of the area and familiarity with the environment. We have robust relationships with major farmers and small scale sellers.

We have our main warehouse located in Itori, Ogun state. This is some 30 minutes drive from Lagos. This makes trading with us very easy for exporters especially foreigners not willing to travel long distances to the interlands.

Exporters and major off-takers can contact us via our contact information.

We deal diligently, very reliable and ethical in conducting businesses.

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Future Plans

We plan to build a state of the art fully automated cashew processing plants to process Raw Cashew nuts (RCN) into roasted kernels and produce cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL), while juice will be extracted from the apple and animal feed produced from the remaining pulp.

We are therefore seeking technical partners and investors for collaboration to achieve a mutually beneficial goal.

Cashew Processing Plant

cashew processing plant
Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Other Crops

Other crops planted on separate portions of the farmland include:

  • • Citrus
  • • African bush mango
  • • Plantain
  • • Cocoyam
  • • Moringa

Oil palm tree is planted all along the perimeter of the farm land to serve as wind breaker for the cashew stands, besides its own economic values.

cocoyam plants

Our Achievements

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