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Sale of Seedlings

We raise quality seedlings of highly improved Brazilian dwarf and other types of cashew varieties for sale to farmers.

Other seedlings available/can be raised include:

  • • Moringa
  • • African bush mango
  • • Shea butter
  • • Plantain suckers
  • • Citrus
  • • Oil palm, etc.

We can help source for any other crops not on our list.

We also have 419 cassava stems in large quantity for sale to farmers.

Farm Management/Consultancy Services

Do you have a big dream of owning a large or small scale farm but don’t know how to go about it? You are in the right place so talk to us about your farm needs.

We have experienced agro experts in our team and we are also into partnership with Agricultural mechanization and research institutes both in and outside the country.

This clearly sets us apart in the area of farm management/consultancy services.

We provide the services listed below to assist farmers:

  • • Agricultural counselling
  • • Preparation of detained business plans/bankable feasibility studies that will enable farmers take advantage of numerous agricultural intervention funds available to farmers to borrow
  • • Agricultural mechanization, tillage recommendations, equipment rentals, etc.
  • • Field mappings and lining
  • • Crop management
  • • Weed control
  • • Herbicides application
  • • Integrated pest management
  • • Manure management
  • • Post harvest management

We have an abundant amount of Corn, TME 419 Cassava and stems for sale.

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